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Waste Water Management

Preparation of DPR for 50 MLD STP at Jaisinghpura Khor (Delhi by pass road) work under JNNURM for Jaipur City: (Status : Approved by Govt of India)

Funding Agency: JNNURM

Location: Jaipur (Rajasthan), India

Preparation of DPR in accordance with JNNURM guidelines

The proposed 50 MLD STP at Jaisinghpura Khor, shall treat the sewage generated

  1. by residential areas on either side of Delhi bypass from Transport Nagar Chauraha to Ramgarh Mod
  2. Part of walled city area draining towards Jal Mahal and presently not connected with STP at Amer Road & Amer town ship.

Trunk sewer for the design period up to 2034 and flow of sewage as 126 lpcd has already been designed and laid. Total sewage flow in the year 2034 is expected to be 80 MLD (which includes 27 MLD to be treated by existing STP at Amer road).

The STP design is based on conventional treatment system consisting of screens de-gritting - primary clarifier – activated sludge – secondary clarifier. The treated effluent shall confirm to Rajasthan Pollution Control Board standards of BOD <30 mg/l, COD <250 mg/l and SS <100 mg/l. The sludge generated is proposed to be treated in anaerobic digesters shall be used for gas produced in digester may be used for power generation.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Detailed Survey of the project area using Total Station.
  • Waste forecast of the project area.
  • Development of Sewerage System of the project area.
  • Preparation of drawings, design, estimates and tender documents for project components.
  • Rendering services of JMC for assistance during execution of work for any changes in drawings / Designs / Quality control with reference to DPR project components.
  • Development of STP based on conventional activated sludge process using fixed film attached growth system as an option of secondary treatment.
  • Assisting JMC in getting approval from JNNURM.
  • Making presentation at SLNA, SLSC and CSMS for project approval.

Note : This STP project of 50 MLD prepared by our firm N.K. Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. has since been approved by Ministry of Urban Development Government of India on 22-1-2007 under JNNURM Programme for Rs. 22.50 crores.