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Oil & Natural Gas

Route Survey, GIS Survey, GPR Survey and Allied Works at Five Geographical Areas (Two Years Annual Rate Contract (ARC)) Group-E : Sundargrh and Jharsugudha GA

Funding Agency: Gail Gas Limited

Location: Odisha

M/s GAIL Gas Limited, proposes to lay a grid of Gas Pipeline for transportation of natural gas from City Gate Station to various CNG stations and other consumers for city gas distribution in Sundergarh, Jharsuguda GAs.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Identification and procurement of appropriate satellite imageries, topo sheets and other data and digitized and developed a city map showing latest developments along with the pipeline route actually surveyed duly marked on the developed map.
  • Carried out a Check Survey / Route Verification Survey and examine the feasibility of laying a Gas pipeline along the proposed route.
  • Carried out detailed Survey of the proposed / selected routes from the City Gate Station (CGS) or other point through identified mandatory points, if any, to the terminating point in the vicinity of city.
  • Identification of following Physical features (Permanent & temporary) and showed on map :
    • Parks, lawns, buildings, shops, etc. along with the Names of Localities, Roads, Streets, Parks, Major Buildings and Plot No’s, etc.
    • Rivers, nallahs, major drains, culverts, manholes etc along with Invert levels / water level and surrounding ground levels.
    • Transmission lines (HT & LT.) along with Power line Ratings and location of electric poles, etc.
    • Highways, roads, lanes, & bye- lanes. All the details like name of roads, carriageway widths, type of road / pavement like Kuchha / Pucca roads, CC Roads, Bituminous Roads, Tiled footpaths etc. to be clearly specified along with the Reduced levels of Road / Footpath at regular interval along the pipeline route / locations where the levels are abruptly varying.
    • Bridges, fly-over & crossings specifying width of crossing, width of waterway, etc.
    • Permanent structures, cluster/ row of trees etc. and any other major feature along the pipe route.
    • Obstructions along the proposed pipeline route and suggest alternate routes indicating diversions.
    • Submitted route plans, showing the detailed structures, service lines etc. incorporating the proposed and alternative pipeline routes.
    • Area along pipe route where ROU compensation is to be paid and its price implication. Permissions to be obtained from Government agencies i.e. PWD, Municipality, Civil authorities, Defense etc.
    • Other important data/ information such as future development plans, proposals for bridges, fly-over’s, OFC/HT/LT networks, widening of city roads, sewerage & drainage network, location of very congested locations, State Transport Depots and Private Bus Depots/ fuelling stations etc.
  • Processing, scanning, cleaning & editing of raster images, mapping, filtering, warping, mosaicking, plotting; image fusion /merging with spatial data, corrections, geo-referencing, editing and plotting.
  • Survey related to use of satellite imagery, satellite position based survey, revenue/land survey, entry/passage/access to and from private property, reserved forest, restricted/prohibited area etc.
  • Preparation of Draft and Final Report.